First Capital Realty

First Capital Realty develops, owns and operates urban retail properties that deliver a strategic mix of leading retailers who together provide communities with their daily shopping needs.


EA Executive Analytics 1
FC Financial Consolidation 7
PF Planning & Forecasting 2
DI Data Integration 30
RE Real Estate 28

Applied Expertise

  • Upgraded from JD Edwards Consolidation
  • Implemented Actuals consolidation process involving ownership, inter-company eliminations and automated multi-GAAP reporting 
  • Implemented Forecast, Plan and Budget Reporting, focused on G&A Costs and adding in revenue, corporate expenses and Balance Sheet, with calculation of out years 
  • Extensive custom Dashboards were built for Forecast, Budget and Plan as well as maintenance DashBoards to assist with administrative tasks 
  • Use of Workflow for journal entries, data review, data promotion and data protection 
  • Built direct integration from JD Edwards 
  • Supported and trained users on the new system creating customized course material, including user guides, quick-reference materials for the financial user base