Government Contractor

Global professional services organization that predominantly provides technical, engineering and management services to the US Government.


CF Cash Flow & Working Cap 22
FC Financial Consolidation 7
PF Planning & Forecasting 2
DI Data Integration 30
GV Government 27

Applied Expertise

  • Developed integrations that leverages multiple source system’s data to automate the creation of metadata within the application
  • Built revenue planning solution that is integrated with source systems to derive a revenue plan that is based on awarded work and factors of potential new business
    • Provides the ability to understand the elements of risk related to the plan
  • Delivered utilization driven labor model driven by historical data at the employee level that provides feedback on the impact of utilization changes to the organization’s forward pricing rates
  • Developed spreading functionality based on historical actuals to allow high-level planning for Non-Labor expenses
  • Designed solution supports Plan and forecasted Consolidated P&L and Balance Sheet reporting
  • Provided configurable cost allocation model to calculate and produce the forward pricing rate submission package.
    • Flexible model supports what-if analysis to support reorganization decisions as well as the ability to manage the business to the submitted forward pricing rates
  • Implemented consolidation process involving multiple currencies, inter-company eliminations and automated Statement of Cash Flows
  • Implemented “Train the Trainer” sessions and embedded training videos throughout the OneStream application