Private Equity Group

Our $60 billion private equity group client acquires high quality businesses and applies its global investing and operational expertise to create value, with a focus on profitability, sustainable margins and sustainable cash flows.


SO S&OP Planning 13
FC Financial Consolidation 7
PF Planning & Forecasting 2
DI Data Integration 30
FS Financial Services 18

Applied Expertise

  • Upgraded from in-house Excel based consolidation program 
  • Implemented Actuals consolidation process involving complex translation, inter-company eliminations and phased reporting. 
  • Implemented Forecast, Budget and Monthly Operation Forecast data collection process.  
  • Extensive Cube Views were built for Actual, Forecast, Plan and Operation Reporting with extensive selection parameters to ease maintenance.
  • Extensive use of Workflow for confirmation rules, data review, data entry for, data promotion and data protection. 
  • Version control implemented for Actuals and Forecast. 
  • Extensive use of Excel to gather data via the workflow process to collect, load data and track data from the stage tables back into the Excel reporting packages. A custom front end Dashboard is used to load multiple files and deal with organizing the multiple phases. 
  • Supported and trained users on the new system creating customized course material, including user guides, quick-reference materials for the financial user base