Our Elements

Every implementation is made up of various Elements. From the pillars of Digital Finance, to our exclusive Diamond Analytics, to the foundational strength of the OneStream XF platform. Our Experts combine as many of these Elements as necessary to get you to the solution you need.

EA Executive Analytics 1

Executive Analytics

Executives with the greatest need for analytical capability are typically those who experience the greatest barriers to its efficient delivery. Black Diamond knows how to deliver “Governed Analytics” which combines financial and operational information into powerful visualization tools to ensure quality and accuracy of information.

DS Finance Data Science 6

Finance Data Science

Combining the power of a financial analyst leveraging OneStream financial and operational data with the capability of a Finance Data Scientist using R and Python to offers an end-to-end, analytics platform which empowers people to break data barriers, deliver insights, and experience the thrill of getting to the answer faster. Financial analysts and data scientists alike can discover, share and prep data, perform analysis, and deploy and manage analytic models. Enterprises all over the world rely on Black Diamond to deliver actionable insights daily.

RA Robotic Process Automation 12

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation is the application of technology that enables the capture and interpretation of existing applications for processing a transaction, manipulating data, triggering responses and communicating with other digital systems. Using the breadth and depth of the powerful OneStream XF platform, Black Diamond will help you seize the future of automation within your organization.


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SF Strategic Finance 21

Strategic Finance

Seeing the future requires a combination of Strategy and Finance. It is ultimately about quantifying a longer-term strategy in a way that enables multiple potential future outcomes to be measured and evaluated for optimal decision making capability. Black Diamond has leveraged the power of OneStream to elevate Strategic Planning awareness and ensure that it is not overlooked in favor of other forms of short-term or historical analysis.

SO S&OP Planning 13

Let our Experts help you manage your Supply Chain.

OneStream XF is the perfect platform to keep the many moving parts of Supply Chain management organized, and Black Diamond is the perfect partner to guide you. We will customize your forecasting process to give you the confidence in your sales, production, inventory and backlog plans. Our Experts understand that your frequency and planning horizons can vary, and will build you an agile solution that will let you spend more time on analysis and managing your business.

PR Profitability Cost Management 14

Discover the drivers of cost and profitability with powerful multidimensional analysis.

A business must be able to accurately measure, allocate, and manage costs and revenue to maximize profitability. Black Diamond’s Profitability and Cost Management solution will manage the cost and revenue allocations that are necessary to compute profitability for a business segment, such as a product, customer, region, or branch. Profitability and Cost Management enables you to use cost decomposition, consumption-based costing and scenario-playing to measure profitability for effective planning and decision support.

PC Project Costing 15

Funds are limited – information doesn’t have to be.

What if there were a single platform where you could gather up all of the information you need to make informed Project Costing estimates – would you use it? Of course you would, and it’s simpler than you think when you work with our Experts. Let our years of experience in all realms of planning help you plan your projects too.

CF Cash Flow & Working Cap 22

Growing your business can be difficult. Measuring it won’t be.

These two terms are not the same. Yet they do work together when it comes to letting you know about the current and future success or failure of your business. Black Diamond’s Cash Flow and Working Capital solutions will help you manage liquidity throughput quickly and effectively.

VM Volume, Price Mix 23

Work from the bottom to get to the top.

The OneStream XF engine, combined with leadership from our Experts, is the perfect place to analyze price adjustments and their impact on both innovation and the bottom line. Using models we help you design, you can uncover opportunities to effectively manage cost changes and how you pass them on to customers. Additionally, you’ll gain better insight into the drivers of product and customer mix shift, and be ready for future fluctuations.

DM Master Data Management 24

Let OneStream master your metadata.

Master data management allows FP&A, Operations and IT to work together, ensuring the uniformity, accuracy, stewardship, semantic consistency and accountability of the enterprise’s official shared master data assets. Black Diamond Advisory has developed a custom solution in OneStream that makes a complex process run smoothly and efficiently.

FC Financial Consolidation 7

Everybody needs to do it – let us help you do it better.

Streamline and simplify the financial close using the power of the OneStream XF platform. Any size organization benefits from built-in quick validation and auditing, combined with our proven implementation methodology. Free up your team for true financial analysis.

Fully integrated and audited for maximum reliability.

The Account Reconciliation OneStream MarketPlace Solution is the only entirely integrated solution in the industry. This provides unparalleled auditability, visibility, and risk reduction while keeping everyone on task and accountable for results.

TP Tax Provisioning 25

Truly integrated tax provisioning and financial reporting.

We can help you unify your data collection, alignment and validation all in one spot. This MarketPlace solution, along with the Black Diamond implementation methodology, will help consolidate footnotes and disclosures, limiting manual tasks and creating efficiencies.

PF Planning & Forecasting 2

Simpler. Quicker. Nimbler. Better.

Lean on our unparalleled industry knowledge and experience to give your organization the power to plan for the future with confidence. Our groundbreaking approach is unmatched and will be a game-changer for your team, with seamless integration and reporting using the OneStream XF engine.

PP People Planning 8

Let us make your people our focus.

Black Diamond’s unique approach to People Planning leverages our domain expertise and over 70 years combined experience delivering intuitive solutions that work. We put our experience to work and deliver results that will make you wonder why you didn’t call us sooner.

CP Capital Planning 17

Take Capital Planning out of Excel.

Capital Planning is a large part of any financial statement yet many organizations rely on cobbled together spreadsheets to plan for these costs. Black Diamond can apply our processes using OneStream to perform detailed asset and project planning, giving the entire organization complete visibility.

LP Long Range Planning 26

Farther, faster.

Using Black Diamond’s processes to produce forecasts and budgets the long-range planning becomes an extension of the overall planning process to reduce the time and effort in producing long-range outlooks.

DI Data Integration 30

Choose a clear path from final reports back to the source.

Data is foundational, so Data Integration is too. We understand that your results are only as good as your inputs, and OneStream XF knows that too. Our Experts can wrestle almost any data into place quickly and reliably, with a clear audit trail for maximum confidence in the final results.

MS MarketPlace Solutions 31

More developers mean more options for you.

The ever-evolving OneStream MarketPlace is a fantastic resource for our clients, and we encourage full use of what’s out there. Experts at Black Diamond work closely with the OneStream team to make sure you can make the best use of any published solution that fits your needs, and without making it an entirely separate project.