Black Diamond Advisory Partners with Howwe Technologies to Provide The CEO’s Digital Book Of Record

Black Diamond Advisory Partners with Howwe Technologies to Provide The CEO’s Digital Book Of Record Through A OneStream-Howwe Integrated Platform Combining CPM and Digital Strategy Execution

New York, July 20, 2023 – Black Diamond Advisory and Howwe Technologies are excited to announce their strategic partnership, bringing forth an unprecedented market offering: the integration of OneStream Software’s Corporate Performance Management (CPM) and Howwe Technologies’ Digital Strategy Execution application. This collaboration combines the expertise of Black Diamond Advisory, the largest OneStream solution partner, with Howwe Technologies, the market-leading provider of Digital Strategy Execution software.

The partnership introduces an integrated OneStream-Howwe platform that provides customers with unparalleled operational and strategic capabilities to enhance operational performance and expedite the execution of critical strategic initiatives. By leveraging historical data, predictive analytics, and real-time progress tracking of strategic initiatives, the integrated platform empowers CEOs with a comprehensive view of their business—the CEO’s digital book of record.

The OneStream-Howwe platform revolutionizes operational and financial performance, enabling businesses to achieve excellence in execution across functions and significantly enhance revenue and profit. This powerful combination bridges the gap between strategy and performance, enabling CEOs to actively link their organizational strategies with real-time data, thus driving greater success.

Carl Yost, Chairman at Black Diamond Advisory, emphasizes the importance of a digital book of record for CEOs: “The CEO must have a digital book of record for execution and monitoring of their strategy that actively links with the real data of the organization. Finally, we have found an application that we can easily integrate with OneStream to provide a direct link between strategy and performance.”

Ulf Arnetz, CEO and Founder at Howwe Technologies, highlights the changing market dynamics: “The market has changed; the CEO must drive a real connection between operational analytics and strategy execution. The importance and benefits of using a digital application to focus, steer, and follow up on the strategy execution, which the CEO is measured on, has become clear. Combining OneStream’s Corporate Performance Management with Howwe’s Digital Strategy Execution will revolutionize how CEOs steer and measure the organization.”

The integrated OneStream-Howwe platform will be made available to OneStream’s 1,300 customers, as well as Black Diamond Advisors and Howwe customers worldwide. This strategic partnership aims to empower CEOs and businesses globally with a comprehensive and integrated solution for effective strategy execution and performance management.

About Black Diamond Advisory

Black Diamond Advisory is the largest global OneStream Software consulting firm in the world. As a OneStream Diamond Partner, the company offers financial transformation, advisory, change management and process automation services. Focused on serving chief financial officers (CFOs), our experts have extensive OneStream Software implementation experience and a proven track record of delivering successful large-scale projects. Black Diamond Advisory operates globally with offices in the U.S., Canada, EMEA, and APAC. We are committed to customer success and remain engaged with clients throughout their entire transformation journey to ensure the greatest value is derived from the investment. We only work with OneStream Software because we believe that it is the future of digital finance, and we are 100% aligned with them on Customer Success.

About Howwe Technologies

Howwe Technologies AB (publ) is a Stockholm-New York City based SaaS company helping companies to shorten the timeline from “decision” until ”increased revenue and profit” creating measurable financial results.

The company’s CEO-centric solution for growth, Howwe®, is designed for proactively executing the company’s most vital strategic initiatives. Howwe® functions much like a strategy execution application, but with a streamlined focus on the most important initiatives. This allows the CEO to reach deep into the organization, accelerating and measuring the necessary activities for achieving financial goals and facilitating role-based behavioral change more swiftly.

Howwe® [How We] stands for how we as a company can improve tomorrow, today. It includes role-based ”what’s in it for me”, automated business insights for growth and ”how” for employees which minimize organizational resistance and improves the organization’s self-confidence and Employee Satisfaction Scores.

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Chief Marketing Officer
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