Episode Two of the BDA Broadcast

Welcome to Episode Two of the Black Diamond Broadcast: A Conversation with Jerri Ciambriello of Hubbell

Customer Topics Highlighted in this Conversation:

1. The relevance of OneStream conferences for customers
2. Re-implementation journey in OneStream
3. Customers take on implementation partners and what to look out for
4. Modernizing Finance with rolling forecasts
5. Customer use cases for Sensible Machine learning
Welcome back to the Black Diamond Broadcast, where we bring you insightful conversations with industry leaders shaping the future of business and innovation. In this episode, Jerri Ciambriello, the Director of Financial Systems and Reporting at Hubbell Incorporated, joins us.
About Hubbell Incorporated
Hubbell Incorporated stands at the forefront of utility and electrical solutions, playing a pivotal role in constructing more reliable, resilient, and renewable energy infrastructure globally. With a robust history spanning over 135 years, Hubbell has evolved into a powerhouse with a workforce exceeding 17,000 employees worldwide.
The company’s commitment to innovation is evident in its strategic alignment with clean energy megatrends. Hubbell focuses on grid modernization, the “Electrification of Everything,” and enhancing energy efficiency. These initiatives underscore Hubbell’s dedication to delivering cutting-edge solutions that not only meet but exceed industry standards, electrifying economies and energizing communities in the process.
Insights from Jerri Ciambriello
In our conversation with Jerri Ciambriello, she shares her expertise from her role as Director of Financial Systems and Reporting at Hubbell. Her insights into financial systems and reporting within a dynamic industry leader like Hubbell offer a unique perspective on the intersection of finance, technology, and sustainability.
During our discussion, Cameron Lackpour asked Jerri about the role of the OneStream application within their firm. She responded, “Ok, so currently right now we are doing consolidations as well as budgeting and planning, forecasting, and hoping to in the future get to long-range plan sheets. We’ve been live since August of 2022 with planning and January of 2023 with consolidations.”
Ashwin, who previously consulted at Hubbell, had the opportunity to speak directly with Jerri about his experience. Specifically, he inquired about Hubbell’s transition through multiple CPM implementations versus their single OneStream implementation for planning and budgeting. Jerri’s response was insightful, stating, “We can call it an enhancement, but I mean we really, we overhauled it big time, especially on the planning side.” Jerri further added, “I was introduced to the Black Diamond Advisory folks at Splash in San Antonio, so I reached out to them because I thought their accordion rolling forecast was really cool.”
To view the entire episode on the Black Diamond Broadcast, please click here. This engaging discussion features Cameron, Ashwin, and Jerri exploring topics such as adapting to change, OneStream Splash, implementations, and more. Tune in for valuable insights!

Meet Your Hosts from Episode Two

Meet Cameron, a seasoned developer with a proven track record in delivering successful EPM implementations as a consultant and project lead for Fortune 50 clients. Cameron excels at enhancing the standard toolset to offer advanced analytics and system automation. With strong communication skills, he bridges the gap between business owners and IT. Cameron is dedicated to knowledge transfer, benefiting both clients and the wider EPM community. 
Meet Ashwin, an OneStream Certified Lead Architect with over 4 years of OneStream expertise and 14 years of extensive global CPM experience. He is proficient in implementing consolidations and planning projects. He led a highly successful OneStream engagement achieving a 5/5 OneStream customer satisfaction rating. He is committed to process improvement and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Black Diamond Advisory

As a OneStream Diamond Partner, Black Diamond Advisory exemplifies excellence in delivering cutting-edge financial solutions. Our partnership with OneStream underscores our commitment to innovation, quality, and client success. With our deep expertise and strategic approach, we empower organizations to streamline operations, enhance decision-making, and achieve sustainable growth. Explore how Black Diamond Advisory can elevate your financial processes and drive your business forward with confidence and clarity. Visit www.blackdiamondadvisory.com.

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