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Too frequently, we receive feedback from companies with merely one or two OneStream Administrators expressing feelings of isolation or being “on an island.” Our Roundtable initiative addresses this issue by creating a community specifically tailored to their needs, linking them with vital resources and learning opportunities. At Black Diamond, we strongly believe in the principle that shared learning elevates everyone, and we’re committed to playing our part in advancing the collective knowledge and skills of OneStream worldwide. 

Our Roundtable 

This exclusive initiative allows participants to gather around a metaphorical table with OneStream Experts on a weekly basis, fostering an environment where questions can be asked, assistance can be sought, guidance can be obtained, and comprehensive training can be received. 

Our Format 

The BDA Expert Roundtable is a place where you gain access to two valuable resources. The first is the opportunity for OneStream Admins to engage in personalized one-on-one coaching sessions with a BDA Architect. This individualized approach ensures that the specific needs and challenges faced by each participant are addressed, allowing for a more tailored learning experience. Next, our group training sessions offer a collaborative and interactive setting where participants can benefit from shared insights and collective problem-solving with fellow admins from other OneStream customers. 

Our Roundtable Members 

Only the best for our community! We’ve curated some of the most skilled functional and technical experts in the field. When you become part of the Roundtable, you gain access to over 100+ years of combined OneStream expertise.  


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