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Each industry has unique processes and challenges, which makes it difficult for most Finance Transformation vendors to deliver a world-class user experience. Black Diamond Advisory leverages the depth of experience and breadth of knowledge across a multitude of industries to define your needs. We are industry experts who anticipate your current and future challenges, sharing our experience and knowledge on how to address them with OneStream.

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Proprietary OneStream specific tools and capabilities to support architecture, requirements, design, status, testing methods, and security.  Standardized smartsheet templates and SharePoint assets to accelerate and automate project reporting, collaboration and economics. 


Taking you from antiquated technology and processes into best-in-class is the benchmark of Black Diamond transformation. Replicating current technology and process is not a recipe for success. 


Change Management is critical to leading finance transformation initiatives.  Key focus areas include communication planning, stakeholder assessment, resistance management and organizational readiness and alignment.


Process Automation is the application of technology that enables the capture and interpretation of existing applications for processing a transaction, manipulating data, triggering responses, and communicating with other digital systems. Using the breadth and depth of the powerful OneStream  platform, Black Diamond will help you seize the future of automation within your organization.


Black Diamond will provide hands-on training throughout the project implementation by assigning development tasks to the client project team members and providing guidance and mentoring along the way.  Additionally, Black Diamond will work with the designated administrator and organizational leads to create a train-the-trainer approach in training the end users for UAT and rollout of the final solution. 



Proprietary set of tools and technology built to accelerate the rapid deployment and enhanced user experience in the OneStream platform


What is an Accordion Style Rolling Forecast? Simply put, it adjusts as you progress throughout the fiscal year. Accordion forecast periods will range from the current forecast month through the end of the next year – ranging from 13 to 23 months depending on the cycle. 


Black Diamond’s 3-step Stream Mapping tool provides for an easy means of conceptualizing how Streams, Models, Inputs and Outputs interact.


OneStream is the perfect platform to keep the many moving parts of Supply Chain management organized, and Black Diamond is the perfect partner to guide you. We will customize your forecasting process to give you the confidence in your sales, production, inventory and backlog plans. Our Experts understand that your frequency and planning horizons can vary, and will build you an agile solution that will let you spend more time on analysis and managing your business. 


A business must be able to accurately measure, allocate, and manage costs and revenue to maximize profitability. Black Diamond’s Profitability and Cost Management solution will manage the cost and revenue allocations that are necessary to compute profitability for a business segment, such as a product, customer, region, or branch. Profitability and Cost Management enables you to use cost decomposition, consumption-based costing, and scenario-playing to measure profitability for effective planning and decision support. 


Black Diamond understands that data drives decision making. Our team of experts can work with multiple and different platforms to bring you a unified and reliable view of the information available to you.


Seeing the future requires a combination of Strategy and Finance. It is ultimately about quantifying a longer-term strategy in a way that enables multiple potential future outcomes to be measured and evaluated for optimal decision making capability. Create sophisticated modeling capabilities including on-the-fly scenario modeling and complex debt and capital structure management solutions.


Master data management allows FP&A, Operations, and IT to work together, ensuring the uniformity, accuracy, stewardship, semantic consistency, and accountability of the enterprise’s official shared master data assets. Black Diamond Advisory has developed a custom solution in OneStream that makes a complex process run smoothly and efficiently.



Streamline and simplify the financial close using the power of the OneStream platform. Any size organization benefits from built-in quick validation and auditing, combined with our proven implementation methodology. Free up your team for true financial analysis.


The Account Reconciliation OneStream MarketPlace Solution is the only entirely integrated solution in the industry. This provides unparalleled audit-ability, visibility, and risk reduction while keeping everyone on task and accountable for results.


Match transactional data from multiple sources and quickly resolve differences to accelerate account reconciliations and the close process.  Drive process automation in the account reconciliation and close process. 


Automate and streamline tax data collection and validation and ensure consistency in tax calculations.  Report consolidated and statutory effective tax rates. 


Apply Task Manager to any workflow within the financial close, budgeting, planning & forecasting, and other key processes for flexibility and control. Enhance collaboration by alerting team members to upcoming deadlines and enable users to provide commentary on task status. Drive accountability and provide segregation of duties via role and task security.


Financial Signaling empowers Finance teams to leverage the financial intelligence that’s core for their monthly financial processes such as hierarchies, dimensionality, translations, rate and blend it with higher velocity financial transactions and operational data from multiple sources.


Lean on our unparalleled industry knowledge and experience to give your organization the power to plan for the future with confidence. Our groundbreaking approach is unmatched and will be a game-changer for your team, with seamless integration and reporting using the OneStream engine.


Black Diamond’s unique approach to People Planning leverages our domain expertise and over 70 years of combined experience delivering intuitive solutions that work. We put our experience to work and deliver results that will make you wonder why you didn’t call us sooner.


Capital Planning is a large part of any financial statement yet many organizations rely on cobbled together spreadsheets to plan for these costs. Black Diamond can apply our processes using OneStream to perform detailed asset and project planning, giving the entire organization complete visibility.


Using Black Diamond’s processes to produce forecasts and budgets the long-range planning becomes an extension of the overall planning process to reduce the time and effort in producing long-range outlooks.


Provide project-level planning automation and analytics.  This includes direct connection to key transaction layers including project manager, % complete, labor, and equipment / leasing. 


Unify financial & operational insights to drive performance and deliver value. Deliver the right information, in the right format, at the right time. Replace spreadsheets and standalone financial reporting software with a unified CPM platform



Quickly plan detailed revenue, labor, capital, and overhead costs. Combine costs with inventory, sales, and operations planning processes. Produce faster and more accurate planning, along with what-if planning and analysis. Combine detailed operational reporting with tactical planning around the margin, inventory, supply, and demand planning along with long-range planning by variable scenarios.


Unified Platform harmonizes complex healthcare and pharmaceutical environments. Integration of clinical, operational, and financial data. Flexibility to manage unified Fee for Service and Population Health models. Develop patient level profitability and expand beyond RVU reporting.


Report on the business at the divisional and entity levels. Produce faster and more accurate planning along with what-if planning and analysis. Make projections towards the future and oversee the field of investments, acquisitions, and working capital spending. Create visibility into business segments and perform detailed analysis to support strategic business decisions. Strengthen controls over financial information.


Streamline financial consolidation and reporting. Improve visibility in budget and forecast. Extend investment with MarketPlace People Planning to accurately predict headcount. Manage allocations process for better accuracy and efficiency. Provide look back capability to drill through to source data without IT involvement.


Bring together many complex models in one solution. Gain visibility into your production facilities intercompany and markups. Produce faster and more accurate planning along with what-if planning and analysis. Provide analytics into the different sales channels across the organization. Improve insight on the metrics of your business price/volume mix and the detailed makeup of fuels.


Leverage OneStream to perform complicated business logic. Easily add new entities and reallocate costs and revenues. Improve accuracy by using feeds directly from source systems. Quickly break down costs to a granular level.


Create meaningful analytics. Tie detailed data sets together for planning: daily sales, customer, and product information. Blend relational data such as a data warehouse with multi-dimensional analysis to predict future results on past and current trends. Take advantage of new features in OneStream to blend operational reporting with budgeting and forecasting via reporting and dashboards.


Define Roadmap and predictive analytics models for 5G. Provide Actual Reporting, Consolidation, Account Reconciliation, and Budget and Forecasting scenarios for real-time decision making. Leverage flow dimension for Cash Flow reporting and balance sheet analysis. Extensive modeling capability by sales channel, programming, geography, and customer segmentation. Construct a Rolling Forecast and Long-Range Planning capability linked to actuals and operational inputs.


Maintain regulatory compliance by staying current with technology to meet reporting and analytic needs via modeling commissions for agents and producers, KPIs for premiums, cost per claim, and commissions ratios. Automate complex allocations processes. Manage claims analysis and reporting to identify and prevent potential fraud.


Better understand the driver of each budgeting request and change justification. Know the impact on the budget. Determine each resource allocation change to be included in the budget. Provide justification documentation at the conclusion of each round of planning. Automated generation of documents. Leverage the OneStream Office integration capability that facilitates the automated generation of required documentation.


Forecast the sharing of various costs throughout many cost centers. Plan for variable department’s headcount based on a production schedule output. Automate complex, time-consuming, processes critical to profitability. Capture reporting against data in real-time.


Bring different operations such as Rooms, Merchandise, Recreation, Food & Beverage, and Gaming into a single OneStream Platform. Create an interconnected solution across all lines of businesses, departments, and entities. Improve visibility of metrics: capture rates, productivity ratios, volume/ price mix, fixed/ variable staffing, covers/ turns, transaction-based retail projections, and daily flash reporting.


Provide key balance sheet and operational finance metrics for this capital intensive and project driven industry.  These include return of capital employed, gearing ratios, joint venture performance and visibility and transparency to key M&A activity. 


Leveraging gaming mix, GGR (Gross Gaming Revenue) and NGR (Net Gaming Revenue) allow operators to determine profitability by game type and customer segment.


Our firm helps you increase efficiency, improve effectiveness and align resources and investments to ensure long-term sustainability. Our education experts have deep functional expertise across all business operations functions – from finance and human capital to research and student administration. 


Develop comprehensive financial applications and models including driver based planning, profit margins, commercial lending riskportfolio diversification, and customer relationship economics.  Create branch analysis, proforma acquisition reporting, interest rate comparison and deposit market share impacts.