Splash Washington D.C.

2023 Recap

Leverage OneStream for True Financial Transformation and Avoid the “Lift and Shift"

By Randy Werder and Mike Vannoni

By choosing OneStream, your financial transformation journey begins with updating outdated process combined with best in class software. Don’t make the mistake of replicating what you currently do (the dreaded lift and shift), take advantage of the OneStream platform.

Extending, Expanding, and Enhancing OneStream with SQL

By Cameron Lackpour and Celvin Kattokaran

SQL extends, expands, and enhances OneStream applications. Data. rules, forms, and analysis and reporting are grist for its mill. SQL is largely untapped; join us to show you how to use its power.

Betting on Black – Delaware North Aces Financial Planning with Black Diamond Advisory

By Amy Wright, Michael Pavolko, Melissa Cendrowski, and Cathy Williams

Join Black Diamond Advisory for a walkthrough of advanced driver-based modeling and allocations, as well as a tailored event based Planning solution leveraging relational storage.

One Day at a Time, CURO: Replacing HFM & Multiple Essbase Models

By Jason Karber, Thomas Buccelli, and Heather Wine

Discover how CURO replaced HFM and multiple Essbase models with the Unified OneStream platform. Within a single application close and consolidation is performed along with planning and daily reporting. We will overview the project success and tips and tricks for special purpose reporting like daily reporting as well as automated distribution of reports.

We're excited to announce the launch of the BDA Utility Bundle

Our utilities are part of OneStream's new Development Partner Program and our solution is comprised of 11 utilities.

  • BDA Code Optimizer: Format Business Rule code in a consistent, readable, and development standard manner in a simple dashboard interface. 
  • BDA Cube View Editor: Attaches run-on-save Data Management Sequences to Cube Views in a code-free manner. 
  • BDA Data Explorer: Browses Cube data in a wizard-driven, code-free interface via simplified member filters. 
  • BDA Drill Down Editor: Attaches extended drill-down explanations in the form of commentary and equation detail directly on Cube View cells. 
  • BDA Item Explorer: Find and display OneStream application artifacts by name, type, and folder/group across object types and, when applicable, within those objects. 
  • BDA Metadata Manager: Extract, edit, and load dimensional metadata in xlsx sheets template format. 
  • BDA Scenario Manager: Controls Scenario scope, copies Scenarios, marks tasks as incomplete, and unlocks Workflow. 
  • BDA Security Manager: Comprehensively controls virtually all security properties in a code-free environment.  
  • BDA Stage Data Explorer: Browses Stage data by Workflow Import Children or Data Sources. 
  • BDA Task Editor: Extends, enhances, and organizes Cube Views and Dashboards via a graphical interface. 
  • BDA Text and Cell Detail Explorer: Browses and filters Cell Detail and Annotations by Scenario and Period. 

Introducing Summit Services | The Next Generation Managed Services Offering

Summit Services is designed to help businesses achieve the maximum value from their OneStream implementations. We are a purpose-built team staffed with platform experts with deep consultative experience. Our focus is on proactive continuous innovation and tactical platform guidance.

LIve Blogging at Splash

by Cameron Lackpour

Day 1

Yup, I’m going to attempt to do semi-live blog Splash 2023. I’ve done this before with other conferences in My Previous Technical Life and with luck it brings a flavor of the conference to others. With more luck and a modicum of sleep, I’ll be able to bring Splash to you on an it-only-lags-by-one-day basis.

Day 2

I promise myself every year and every conference – falsely, repeatedly, pointlessly – that I won’t do what I’ve alas done, which is to stay up too late and wake up too early and then walk around like a zombie because then I’d miss out on sessions and not make connections and make an even greater fool of myself than is typical no matter how much coffee I drink, and yet, and yet, and yet, I did. Ugh. It was ever thus. I never learn.

Day 3

Yr. Obt. Svt. needs his sleep yet he is not getting it. The fault is solely mine. I am tired. Also, these posts are getting written later and later during the day (it all started at 6 am but is jumping forward at a rate of an hour a day). No matter, here’s early breakfast. The food as has been the case for the rest of the meals, quite good. Again, it’s sort of funny how much importance attendees place on that, but then again, who likes bad food?

Day 4

The last breakfast. No, not the Last Supper, but the awards breakfast. That’s a lot of people. Again – and this is silly – the food was good. Come to Splash 2024 and have a great meal isn’t much of a tag line, but it is important.