Digital Corporate Performance Management


Periodic Table of Digital Corporate Performance Management (D-CPM)

Digital Corporate Performance Management is a complicated process and all implementations have elements that are unique to your goals and your business. When these elements are working harmoniously you are achieving your highest level of success. Black Diamond Advisory’s foundation is understanding and implementing this concept. We deliver unique Digital Finance solutions, individualized Diamond Analytics and over 200 years of combined industry experience, all using the power of proven OneStream technology.

Our Why

Black Diamond is the ideal partner for leading Digital Finance Transformation

We believe in a new kind of relationship between technology provider and client and we set out to transform the way financial systems are deployed and used in the future. The leaders of Black Diamond have owned and built several of the largest finance system consulting firms in the industry. This new company is intentionally different. We want to have joint ownership of the solutions we develop with clients and be engaged with them throughout their entire transformation journey to ensure the greatest value is derived from the investment.

We will only work with OneStream Software because we believe that it is the future of digital finance and we are totally aligned with them on 100% Customer Success.

Project Approach

Define & Architect


Agile Build

Test & Train


Customer Success

How We Are Different

New Paradigm

The leaders of Black Diamond have created and built some of the largest and most respected financial system consulting firms in the industry.  This company is intentionally different.

Platform Thinking

D-CPM or Digital Corporate Performance Management requires a deep understanding and a passion for optimizing the business model of our clients by unlocking the entire platform of the technology that supports it.  We don’t do “projects” we deliver platforms.

Experts Only

Our firm that has the unique combination of people, passion and product knowledge that truly drives meaningful digital transformation WITH our clients. Black Diamond came from the concept of Experts Only and that will always drive our identity and our culture.

Subscription Service

We strive to offer the same value proposition that is fueling the expansion of cloud-based SaaS solutions.  We want to align with our clients over a time horizon that mirrors their SaaS investment and ensure optimal base solution delivery and continued value enhancement and return on investment.

Your results are what matters - With dedicated one-on-one guidance, your Customer Success team helps you define solution goals and achieve them. As an extension of your team, we partner with you to continually evolve and optimize your OneStream investment. We target the key results that matter to your business and leverage Quarterly Business Reviews (QBR’s) to ensure alignment and focus.
Combining the power of a financial analyst leveraging OneStream financial and operational data with the capability of a Finance Data Scientist using R and Python to offers an end-to-end, analytics platform which empowers people to break data barriers, deliver insights, and experience the thrill of getting to the answer faster.
In each project we strive to provide a coherent way to visually communicate quantitative content. Our firm specializes in graphic design and visualization that provides creative and functional expertise to ensure professional and clear graphics and reports.
Each OneStream project integrates into one or typically multiple GL / Data Sources. Our firm has Integration Specialists in JD Edwards, Oracle EBS, Oracle Cloud, PeopleSoft, SAP, Workday, Microsoft Dynamics and Infor. We believe in creating harmony between the ERP infrastructure and the OneStream and ensure we have the subject matter expertise to seamlessly integrate applications.
We believe in a blend of technical and functional skills during OneStream design and implementation. We have a strong group of former CFO, Controller and FP&A leaders to provide real world experience and support the design and long-term value usage of our solutions.
In the spirit of Experts Only, each project is staffed with a lead platform architect that ensures we are leveraging extensible dimensionality and a comprehensive platform design. We ensure each component of the solution is designed to work together and maximizes the value of OneStream.
The most advanced and creative solution consultants in the industry. As a platinum partner and recognized thought leader, our firm and its culture is built on our technical capability and ability to guide and empower clients to digitally transform their finance function and executive / operational reporting.


Siloed consulting team with a "one and done" approach to project implementation. From design to rollout, these projects are usually "good enough" but lack the long-term vision to truly make the best use of your OneStream investment.

Black Diamond
Implementation Approach

The current OneStream implementation approach leaves so much on the table. A new approach from Black Diamond with a more tactical team with just-in-time strategic resources dramatically enhances solution design and springboards the value of your OneStream investment. “Go Live” or Implementation is the current goal of most implementation partners but most of the value is derived post implementation. Black Diamond strives to shorten implementation cycles, leverage agile and purpose-built applications and extend our client relationships over longer time horizons to ensure user adoption and increase OneStream design optimization. With Black Diamond’s leadership OneStream is a platform that clients can grow into and never outgrow.

Client Approach

Know Me

Take the time to understand my situation. Listen and ask the right questions. Capture what you learn and share it across the organization.

Guide Me

Set expectations at every stage and define a shared path to success. Guide me to the right solution and teach me proven practices for my industry. Always be proactive and consultative.

Connect Me

Provide a variety of ways for me to connect with OneStream experts, industry peers, and thought leaders who can help me achieve my goals.

Empower Me

Give me tools and training to help me be successful and do more for myself – from accessing information and solving problems to networking and getting more from OneStream.



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Black Diamond operates out of Denver, New York, Chicago, Omaha, Kansas City, Pittsburgh, Atlanta, Charleston, Orlando, Toronto, Montreal, Calgary and London with immediate plans for California. Wherever you are, we're never far away!