What makes us the ideal partner?

At Black Diamond, we prioritize your business as if it were our own.
We’re fully committed to helping you reach greater heights.​

Our People

are not just experts, but personable, likable and attentive. They listen and demonstrate their understanding, building a relationship with you that will last beyond the term of the project.

Our Structure

is a series of BDA developed solutions and utilities that extend the platform.

Our OneStream Relationship

is strong. We have close relations with the OS product team.

Our Thought Leadership

is a staple in the CPM community. Our team leads the industry in white papers, articles, and thought piece publications.

Our Modified Agile Approach

we have a highly interactive build phase that allows immediate feedback for change and de-risk UAT.

Financial Transformation

taking you from antiquated technology and process into best-in-class.

Our Story

The unwavering commitment to ‘Experts Only’

At BDA, our core purpose is to revolutionize the way businesses operate. With extensive industry experience, we recognized the immense potential of OneStream as a game-changing solution that simplifies fundamental business operations. Inspired by this realization, we established BDA with a clear mission: to break new ground and avoid replicating existing approaches. We are committed to delivering transformative solutions that go beyond the status quo. The firm knows that the solution to a company’s digital finance transformation is expert implementation and ongoing collaboration.

Our primary objective has always been to establish ourselves as an employer of choice for top talent in our industry. The guiding principle behind our success has been our unwavering commitment to recruiting “experts only.” This principle has propelled our journey forward, allowing us to assemble an exceptional team that is deeply dedicated to customer success. Along the way, we have achieved significant milestones, including winning the coveted Innovator of the Year award and becoming the first partner to introduce our own software solutions on their newly launched marketplace. Investing heavily in talent has been a key driver of our growth, making us the leading firm that we are immensely proud of today.

Our dedication to success starts the moment we engage with a potential customer, regardless of whether they ultimately choose BDA or not. Our aim is to provide comprehensive education on the entire process, going beyond just understanding their needs and instead explaining every step towards a successful implementation. We invest significant time in outlining potential challenges and offering guidance on how to proactively address them. Transparency and honesty are at the core of our relationship, as we believe in avoiding surprises. This principle drives our entire team, from delivery consultants to project managers and engagement advisors, all working together towards a mutually successful outcome.