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BDA is excited as a partner to provide new use cases, industry solutions, and ease of use capabilities in PartnerPlace as part of OneStream’s new Development Partner Program. The bundle is comprised of 11 utilities.

BDA Code Optimizer

BDA Code Optimizer

Format Business Rule code in a consistent, readable, and development standard manner in a simple dashboard interface. The simplest utility in the pack yet very useful to help standardize the backend of your application, which if you’re familiar with coding you know can get pretty messy. There’s certain structuring and proper formatting needed in coding that doesn’t end up being followed a lot of the time so what this tool does is clean up your code for you.

BDA Cube View Editor

Attaches one (or many) Data Management Sequences to Cube Views so that they may run on save. Optional use of Windows Communication Function (Wcf) parameters allow focused calculations to fire only for changed data, thus significantly reducing calculation scope and consequently improved performance. The typical practice of encapsulating a Cube View within a Dashboard to capture a Save event is no longer necessary as they now have their own configurable one.

BDA Data Explorer

Browses Cube data in a wizard-driven, code-free interface via simplified member filters. ​ Tool gives users the ability to quickly and easily query and export data from the cube​. Users can select filter values by one or more years​ and can select to display data by Name, Description and\or ID​.

BDA Drill Down Editor

Dynamically creates Drill Down Formulas through a graphical user interface.  When referenced within a BDA Task-enabled Cube View or via the Drill Down Explorer, the Drill Down Formula is surfaced in a single interface, allowing the data consumer instant access to Drill Down detail without requiring multiple drill steps.  In addition, text Annotations and Cell History are presented in the same unified interface. 

BDA Item Explorer

Find OneStream artifacts by name and display their type and folder/group location. Item Explorer also searches within artifacts for strings.  As an example, a search for “BudgetV1” returns Business Rules, Cube Views, Dashboard Components, Members, Member Formulas, Member Formulas for Drill Down, and Transformation Rules. 

BDA Metadata Manager

Extract, edit, and load dimensional metadata in xlsx sheets template format. ​ Dimensional metadata is extracted to easy-to-read parent/child xlsx sheets; updates to dimensions are performed using the same sheet templates. And it allows you to export multiple dimensions at the same.

BDA Scenario Manager

Copies Cube, Cell Detail, and text Annotations across Scenarios by full year; one or many Cubes can be copied, the target Scenario can be cleared on copy. Tasks are marked as incomplete at a Scenario level. Scenarios with completed Workflow elements can be reverted to a fully not started state. 

BDA Security Manager

Provides administrators and implementers a simple, code free avenue to extract, modify, and upload OneStream security artifacts. The Security Manager addresses User Groups and their security group inheritance, Users themselves, Application roles, System Security roles, and more.

BDA Stage Data Explorer

Stage data in a code-free interface by Workflow Import Children as well as Fixed and Delimited text files, SQL Connectors, and Data Management Export Sequences Data Source types. Multiple Data Sources/Workflows can be selected and, so long as their scope is different, their output is merged into a single table view.  Overlapping Workflow Import Children and their Data Sources can be simultaneously selected but will not result in a doubled record count. 

BDA Task Editor

Improves native Cube View and Dashboard functionality by presenting and managing an application’s forms and reports in a consistent and structured manner. A sophisticated user experience is created through configuration without recourse to code.  Controls, selectors, Workflow, and calculations are driven through predefined parameters. Data changes are tracked and calculation scope is limited to those adjustments, significantly improving calculation performance. Task Editor is central to the development process.  Administrators use it on an ongoing basis when creating new content or modifying existing tasks.  Application Users live within its framework. 

BDA Text & Cell Detail Explorer

The BDA Text and Cell Detail Explorer queries and returns Annotations and Cell Detail data by Scenario, Period, and optionally by Member Filter. Scenario and Time selectors drive Cell Detail and Annotations queries.  The result set can be restricted using a simple free-form Member Filter. All Annotation and Cell Detail metadata is retrieved in a fully manipulable TableView. 

As an administrator, 90% of my workload is resolving user requests. Prior to BDA’s Explorer Utilities, digging into data detail and navigating the system to resolve a user’s ticket in a timely manner was highly dependent on not only my knowledge but the knowledge of the user and amount of detail given for the request. Creating ad hoc quickviews, knowing exact intersections and calculations, and locating specific objects within OneStream’s vast platform could quickly become running around in circles. With the explorer tools, I now use simple dashboards that search through the entire system for me and return the results I need while giving the tool limited information. Not only am I happy, but my users are too!” 

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