Power Analytics for OneStream

An innovative solution that unlocks OneStream data with Power BI

Black Diamond and Preferred Strategies have joined forces to create an innovative product called Power Analytics for OneStream. This turnkey solution harnesses the industry-leading capabilities of Microsoft Power BI to enable every business user to uncover valuable insights from OneStream data.


Power Analytics - What Is It?

What is it?

Power Analytics is a packaged solution in Power BI designed to seamlessly integrate with every standard OneStream application. It was specifically designed to be a plug-and-play solution with universal compatibility, requiring minimal customization. This makes it a ready-made visualization tool right out of the box that our customers can begin using in just 12 short weeks.

Power Analytics - How it works

How does it work?

We connect directly to OneStream and use data automation to keep Power BI in lock step with OneStream, thus creating a lights-out data refresh process in Power BI. This includes security as well, we automatically take the entity security from OneStream into Power BI and make sure that users access data aligned with their OneStream privileges.

What does it provide?

A data adapter that enables replication of your most important artifacts from OneStream into Power BI. This includes data in USD and Local currencies, dimensions, hierarchies, and security. Scheduled refreshes allow you to manage everything in OneStream and keep Power BI in sync automatically. Plus, 500+ KPI's and 20 out of the box pre-built & ready to use reports.

Our sophisticated and well-structured architecture empowers you to fully leverage your valuable investment in OneStream.

What is Power Analytics?

Packaged Solution in Power BI, Plug & Play Solution, Ready to Use in 12 short weeks

  • Connect, Integrate, & Automate: Connect directly to OneStream & provides a lights-out data refresh process.

  • Reconstructed Data: Metadata, Hierarchies from OneStream

  • Security: Replicated entity security from OneStream

  • Key Performance Indicators: 500+ KPI’s & Measures Out of the Box

  • Interactive Visuals: 20 Ready-Made Reports available on Day 1

Power Analytics Visual

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