OneStream Planning: The Why, How, and When

OneStream is a cutting-edge Intelligent Finance Platform that addresses the intricate demands of mid-sized to large enterprises. From retail and financial services to manufacturing and beyond, our platform allows seamless integration of diverse data sources and empowers users with a comprehensive arsenal of tools and methodologies to enhance business operations and boost performance. With OneStream, organizations can benefit from synchronized, up-to-the-minute, enterprise-wide planning and forecasting capabilities.

A comprehensive guide for OneStream Planning practitioners, administrators, implementors, and power users. Discover the power and potential of Planning in OneStream with “OneStream Planning: The Why, How and When”. This groundbreaking book delves into real-world deployments, presenting easily understood business use cases and providing code-based explanations. Developed by industry experts with decades of consulting and application development experience, this book offers top functional and technical practices:

  1. Which should I do – Import or Direct Load, Consolidate or Aggregate?
  2. How do Data Buffers really work; what is Eval and why should I care? Which approach is fastest, and does it really matter?
  3. Why Multiyear Scenarios should never be Yearly.
  4. Can Thing Planning run in the Spreadsheet? (It can.)
  5. Combining REST API and Analytic Blend
  6. Slice Security down to the very tiniest slice
  7. Pivot Grid or Large Pivot Grid, that is the question.
  8. A book filled with clear use cases.
  9. Exhaustively tested and verified solutions, and extensive source code.
  10. Undocumented features and functionality covered, along with functional and technical good practices.


Cameron Lackpour first worked with Corporate Performance Management technology in the dinosaur days of mainframe multidimensional databases and saw the OneStream light in 2017. He has been in the consulting business since 1996, creating solutions for customers using best of breed planning and analytic tools. Cameron blogs on and is a host on the podcast Despite painful experience, this is his third book, and (as always) Cameron thought it would be “fun”. He hopes you enjoy it.

Celvin Kattookaran has more than 17 years of experience in Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance Management. He has developed creative and practical business solutions to address clients’ planning and analytical challenges. He has extensively worked in gathering requirements, interacting with the client, managing the development team, design analysis, implementation, and support. Celvin has successfully implemented enterprise-wide performance management solutions across many industries with heavy experience in the OneStream Platform and various Specialty applications. Celvin is an avid blogger and shares his ideas and utilities on his blog He is also a host of the podcast