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Select an industry to learn more about how Black Diamond Advisory leverages the depth of experience and breadth of knowledge across a multitude of industries to address your needs. Configurable solutions in every implementation.

Each industry has unique processes and challenges, which makes it difficult for most Finance Transformation vendors to deliver a world-class user experience. Black Diamond Advisory leverages the depth of experience and breadth of knowledge across a multitude of industries to define your needs. We are industry experts who anticipate your current and future challenges, sharing our experience and knowledge on how to address them with OneStream.



Gain efficiency and understand margin and demand using OneStream

Quickly plan detailed revenue, labor, capital and overhead costs

Combine costs with inventory, sales, and operations planning processes.

Produce faster and more accurate planning along with what-if planning analysis

Combine detailed operational reporting with both tactical planning around the margin, inventory, supply, and demand planning along with long-range planning by variable scenarios.


Patient profitability and transiency for population health analysis

Unified platform harmonizes complex healthcare and pharmaceutical environments.
Integration of clinical, operation, and financial data.
Flexibility to manage unified Fee for Service and Population Health models.
Develop patient level profitability and expand RVU reporting.


Gain efficiency and understand margin and demand using OneStream

Report on the business at the divisional levels.
Produce faster and more accurate planning along with what-if planning and analysis.
Make projections towards the future and oversee the field of investments, acquisitions, and working capital spending.
Create visibility into business segments and perform detailed analysis to support strategic business decisions.
Strengthening controls over financial information.

Private Equity

Simplify technical landscape and improve reporting and analysis.

Streamline financial consolidation and reporting.
Improve visibility and budget forecast.
Extend investment with People Planning to accurately predict headcount.
Manage the allocations process for better accuracy and efficiency.
Provide look back capability to drill through to source data without IT involvement.

Energy and Biofuels

Go Green with OneStream

Bring together many complex models in one solution.
Gain visibility into your production facilities intercompany and markups.
Produce faster and more accurate planning along with what-if planning and analysis.
Provide analytics into the different sales channels across the organization.
Improve insight into the metrics of your business price/volume mix and the detailed makeup of fuels.

Financial Services

Simplify the complex world of financial services

Leverage OneStream to perform complicated business logic.
Easily add new entities and reallocate costs and revenues.
Improves accuracy by using feeds directly from source systems.
Quickly break down costs to a granular level.


Depth and breadth of data allow insights to drive your business

Creating meaningful analytics.
Tie detailed data sets together for planning: daily sales, customer, and product information.
Blend relational data such as data warehouse with multi-dimensional analysis to predict future results on past and current trends.
Take advantage of new features in OneStream to blend operational reporting and budgeting and forecasting via reporting and dashboards.

Technology and Communication

Deliver business changing results using OneStream

Define roadmap and predictive analytics models for 5G.
Provide actual reporting, consolidation, account reconciliation, and budget and forecasting scenarios for real time decision making.
Leverage flow dimensions for cash flow reporting and balance sheet analysis.
Extensive modeling capability by sales channel, programming, geography, and customer segmentation.
Construct a rolling forecast and long-range planning capability linked to actuals and operational inputs.


Flexibility to keep up with change regulations

Maintain regulatory compliance by staying current with technology to meet reporting and analytics needs via modeling commissions for agents and producers, KPIs for premiums, cost per claims and commissions ratios.
Automate complex allocations processes.
Manage claims analysis and reporting to identify and prevent potential fraud.


Analytics to support the most effective resource allocations decisions

Better understand the driver of each budgeting and change justification.
Know the impact on the budget.
Determine each resource allocation change to be included in the budget.
Provide justification documentation at the conclusionsof each round of planning.
Automated generation of documents.


Cost sharing and variable people planning

Forecast the sharing of various costs throughout many cost centers.
Plan for variable departments’ headcount based on production schedule output.
Automate complex, time-consuming, processes critical to profitability.
Capture reporting against data in real-time.


Incorporating many lines of business in one solution

Bring different operations such as Rooms,Merchandise, Recreation, Food and Beverage, andGaming into a single OneStream platform.
Create an interconnected solution across all lines of business, departments and entities.
Improve visibility of metrics: capture rates,productivity rations, volume/price mix, fixed variable staffing, covers/turns, transaction-based retail projections, and daily flash reporting.


Drill down into your operational and financial planning with OneStream

Use operation life of mine to drive financial plans.
Labor planning and allowances across multiple countries and jurisdictions.
Purity and price modeling.
Insight into real-time or pricing on your invoices.
Modeling maintenance costs.
Inventory and stockpile management.


Bet your future financial forecasts with OneStream

Insights into KPIs (GGR, Yield, Coin In, Cash Drop, Credit).
Table games, slots, sportsbook.
Fixed and variable labor planning based on guests.
VIP revenue modeling.
Mass revenue modeling.
Insight into unrated play.


Eevate your institutional knowledge that drives your insights into OneStream

Grant dollars
Admission planning
US government subsidies (FAFSA)
Capital initiatives
Faculty planning
Student loans


Tust your financial analytics in the OneStream platform

OCC AML/BSA SOX compliance
Loan modeling/what-if scenarios/macro modeling
Interest income models
Upside/Downside analytics
Debt modeling and cash flows
Balancing routines


Using OneStream to understand the cycle from cultivation, to manufacturing, to retail

Seamlessly merging sales, operations, and cultivation data
Automated Cash Flow to enable prudent Capital Expenditure planning, reducing risk, and optimizing investments.
Multi-dimensional planning process to provide detailed insights across production facilities.
Analytics to understand and uncover historical insights to predict future outcomes.

Professional Services

Deliver instant insights in capacity planning with OneStream.

Accurately forecast workforce utilization by individual or team.

Develop instant bottoms up cash flow forecasts based on what if scenarios.

Generate detailed reporting for effective cost analysis.

Real Estate

Develop fast reporting into key metrics with the flexibility of OneStream.

Accurately forecast IRR and OER without moving from system to system.

Integrate with external CapEx and Leasing systems seamlessly.

Report on key debt coverage metrics without relying on external data providers.


Simplify and standardize processes to accurately plan and staff the workforce

Address compensation expense planning for development

Enabled detailed workforce planning

Automate employee compensation plans

Enhance consistency, flexibility, and transparency in employee information modeling and reporting

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