Each journey is unique but with the right strategies and mindset, anything is possible.

Getting to Basecamp is necessary to reach the summit.

How to Prepare for Your Journey

Each organization has a unique starting point, making it crucial to understand the potential for achieving Peak Performance.

  • Achieve collaborative planning and scope refinement through thought-provoking conversations and business analysis.
  • Apply BDA’s experience and thought leadership to create extraordinary value for your business. 
  • Collaborate with Black Diamond to develop a plan for short-term and long-term implementation of OneStream and operational transformation.

Insight Sessions

Tone At The Top

  • Vision, objectives, and priorities
  • Commitment from Executive Sponsors
  • Targeted Interviews with leaders


State of Operations

  • Current Process & Paint Points
  • Data & Integrations
  • Strategy Alignment & unique process needs


Thought Leadership

  • Analysis with objectivity as input to OneStream design 
  • Input to operation transformation
  • Gap analysis



  • High Level Business Case & case for change
  • High Level Planning
  • Identification of critical vs nice-to-have capabilities 

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