Evergreen Solutions

Evergreen Solutions presents a comprehensive suite of BDA offerings tailored to enhance our clients’ OneStream implementations for long-term success.

Key Takeaway Notes on Evergreen Solutions

Which of our elements falls under Evergreen Solutions?

Summit Services and Power Analytics for OneStream.

Why is it called Evergreen Solutions?

Our name, “Evergreen Solutions,” perfectly embodies our unwavering dedication to delivering sustainable and adaptable support to our esteemed clientele.

Main Thoughts Behind Evergreen Solutions

In an ever-evolving business environment, characterized by the importance of adaptability and profound insights, Evergreen Solutions proudly serves as a reliable cornerstone for our esteemed clients, enabling them to forge a future of unparalleled financial excellence.

Dedicated to ensuring that software operates seamlessly and evolves with ever-changing business needs.

Dedicated team of experts: On-demand access to a purpose-built team.

Continuous innovation and enhancement-focused delivery: Pragmatic guidance to optimize your OneStream platform.

Relationship-focused assignment: Dedicated, relationship-focused assignment

Comprehensive support: Troubleshooting, process improvements, or strategic planning

Packaged Solution in Power BI, Plug & Play Solution

Connect, Integrate, & Automate: Connect directly to OneStream & provides a lights-out data refresh process.

Reconstructed Data: Metadata, Hierarchies from OneStream

Key Performance Indicators: 500+ KPI’s & Measures Out of the Box

Interactive Visuals: 20 Ready-Made Reports available on Day 1