How many Clicks Does it Take to Get to the Center of OneStream Data?

One of my favorite things (among a long list of features) about OneStream is the many ways to drill down and research data -right out of the box. The OneStream platform empowers everyone to understand their data without requiring a long learning curve that some tools require. This drives adoption and eliminates the waste that happens when business leaders have to ask the finance department to prepare numbers from legacy solutions.

How many clicks does it take? The answer is up to you. I will share three, yes three, of my favorite ways to get to the center of OneStream data.

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Note that all examples are from a demonstration application and is entirely fictitious. The capabilities of these examples are extraordinary, but the examples themselves are kept very simple.

A. Cube View drill down

OneStream provides us with the ability to build cube views to report our data right out of the box. Drill down to the base data is built into the cube view without any additional setup effort. It is just there.

B. Linked Cube View

Every data point in a cube view has a point of view attached, an address of where the data resides so to speak. That point of view can be passed to another cube view that slices the data down into more detail in a way designed to be helpful to users. This is great for guiding the end user to detail without the need for expertise in the way the metadata is structured.

Note that in this example the right click reveals the option to drill to the data to a predetermined view.

C. Linked Cube Views side by side in a dashboard

Taking the Linked Cube View forward another step allows you to eliminate even more clicks. This is analogous to when our “Mr. Owl” took one big bite and got to the center of his candy. Two or more cube views can be placed side by side on a single screen (using dashboard functionality in OneStream speak). When a user clicks on a value in the main view of the data, the other view(s) will automatically refresh, slicing the data down into the detail a user wants to see. In this example the user does not need to know anything other than how to click on the value that they want to better understand.


OneStream offers powerful options for drilling into data and even back to source systems. The three shown here are easy to develop and easy to use options that underscores how much foresight was put into developing OneStream as a platform, not just a single point solution. It is exciting to be able to take my customers places that were unavailable in legacy solutions. If you are evaluating OneStream, be sure to understand how the full set of data transparency options can be a differentiator that is not matched by anyone else.

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