On-Demand Webinar: Leveraging the Power of the OneStream Platform

Black Diamond Advisory proudly presents an insightful webinar that takes you behind the scenes of our collaboration with Delaware North

In this exclusive webinar, we delve into the depths of a groundbreaking partnership that reshaped financial management at Delaware North. Join us as we unravel the critical elements that ignited the Delaware North journey towards financial excellence.

Insights from Delaware North’s Leadership

Cathy Williams, the Director of FP&A, will walk us through the pivotal junctures of the transformational journey. One of the most significant challenges? Breaking free from a legacy culture deeply rooted in intricate spreadsheets and siloed processes. Her strategic approach to standardization and streamlined reporting will leave you inspired to tackle your financial challenges head-on.

Turning Pain Points into Progress

Discover how Delaware North managed to break free from managing thousands of offline events with countless Excel files. Learn how the unique capabilities of OneStream allowed them to focus on insightful analysis and save time on data reconciliation.

The Art of Partnership: Black Diamond Advisory & OneStream

At the heart of this success lies the powerful partnership between Black Diamond Advisory and OneStream. Witness how their unparalleled technology not only streamlined operations but also empowered Delaware North to redefine event-specific budgeting with remarkable accuracy.

Uncover the untapped potential within your organization, just as Delaware North did with the guidance of Black Diamond Advisory and OneStream.


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