Splash 2024, Day 1, Monday, 20

Splash 2024, Day 1, Monday, 20
Another year, another conference.  Yeah, yeah, jaded, privileged, pompous Cameron is here again for yet another OneStream almost-live blog.  Can anyone live with the excitement?  No?  Maybe?  Yes, definitely yes.  Why?
Because OneStream’s Splash is not just another conference.  It is special.  Splash 2017 is why Yr. Obt. Svt. switched to OneStream from Another Technology.  I’ve never regretted it.  If you’ve come to Splash you know what an amazing conference.  If you’ve not come to Splash, you really ought to.
Content, Content, Content
The primary reasons to come to a conference are the worksops, the sessions, the keynote, the expo, the demo pods– there’s no other place to get this sort of content in a concentrated  manner save Splash.  It is magical.


If you’ve attended Splash, the agenda is both online and in an app (as an aside, Splash’s app gets better and better):
There are a lot (this seems to be my blog post for italicizing, but I really am passionate about this) of quality sessions here.  Again, if you’re not here, you really need to be.
BDA’s Sessions
I cannot possibly cover all of the sessions, i.e., that’s why I put in the link to the agenda above.  What I can speak to are the sessions my BDA comrades in arms are presenting.  The presenters (including, ahem, me) put together quality presentations that are worth your time.
Tuesday, 21 May 2024

POET’s Construction Job Costing Solution, 1:15 to 2:15 pm, Tuesday 21 May 2024
Damon is – ahem, again – my boss but you should totally attend his session, regardless.  Beyond the possibly job-limiting snark, why?  You should attend because the project is transformational in its scope and purpose.  Also, if Damon is involved, there’s so much innovation it’ll make everyone’s head (maybe even Damon’s) spin.  This is super exciting stuff.
PartnerPlace Solutions Overview with Highlights on Cohort 2, 1:15 to 2:15 pm, Tuesday 21 May 2024

Is it kismet that my session overlaps POET’s?  Maybe? 
I’ll be one of the OneStream partners talking about BDA’s PartnerPlace offerings, including two new ones.  I’ll be using props so silly, so embarrassing, so memorable, that it just might be worth attending.  If you want to understand what OneStream’s ecosystem is all about.  Exciting stuff.
Wednesday, 22 May 2024
Jack Doheny Company Automates Fleet Planning.  Driver-Based Rolling Forecast and Dynamic Reporting, 2:30 to 3:30 pm, Wednesday 22 May 2024

Driver based forecasting is the gold standard of planning and forecasting.  BDA does that pretty well.  Greg and Ashwin are two of the best consultants I’ve ever met; they are certainly the craziest in the best of all possible ways.  Join them for an interesting overview of a good (there are good clients and ones that are not so much – Jack Doheny is one of the good ones) implementation and the two Wild and Crazy copresenters that I’m happy to call friends.
Thursday, 23 May 2024
How Generac Power Systems and OneStream became my Best Friend!, 9 to 10 am, Wednesday 22 May

Speaking of friends, I fear that Josh just may have won the booby prize – 9 am on the day after the night before with the night before being the conference party.  True believers, true OneStreamers that have a thirst for knowledge and perhaps an ability to run for multiple days on four hours (my average) of sleep per day will be there.
Quite seriously, I’ve had this slot and there really is no difference in attendance.  Splash attended are the dedicated sort.
People, People, People
There is more, a lot more, to Splash than sessions.  I’ve been, gasp, been to conferences for THIRTY FOUR YEARS (gasp, again) and have figured out very little in my so-called career but I have learnt that the people that I meet, talk to, share, and come to know are the most important part of a conference.
Here are some of them:

Again, the only way to experience this is to be here.  If I make it to THIRTY FIVE years as a conference attendee across six vendors, I hope to see you this year and next.
The rest of the week
This blog will, so long as I hit my minimum of four hours sleep goal, cover each and every thing that I and my Happy Few BDAers see, hear, and experience.
Be seeing you.

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