Splash 2024, Day 2, Tuesday, 21

Splash 2024, Day 2, Monday, 22 May 2024
Another day, another exercise in excitement and exhaustion.  Yeah, yeah, jaded, privileged, pompous Cameron is here again for yet another OneStream almost-live blog.  Can anyone live with the excitement?  Hah!  I can, you should as well, ‘cos this conference is even more exciting than last year.
I am, in fact, missing quite a lot of it:  I had to duck out of the keynote at 10:15 to prepare for a Very Special Secret Squirrel project. 

I can only share this with you, but more anon:
Dear BDA CEO, I actually did attend the conference
So yes, side project, but BDA did sort of pay for a pass and I’d be remiss if I didn’t sort of show up at a presentation, particularly one I presented.  I was part of the PartnerPlace overview for BDA’s products:  Core Productivity, Core Technology, BDA Simple Code, and BDA Accordion Rolling Forecast.  In case you missed my deathless prose, here are my slides:
Core Prod/Core Tech
Simple Code
That of course is the official, normal, businesslike content.  And then there was Yr. Obt. Svt..
Here I am looking almost normal:
And here I am in a not-so-normal state:
Alas, you cannot see the Accordion Wizard’s Wand.  Sharon, yes, props, particularly silly ones, make for a memorable presence.  Alex Ladd of MindStream Analytics was next and as he walked up to the podium said, “I hate going on after Cameron”.
I did in fact also make it to the Expo hall.  Here’s my chum from Oracle days, Chris Rothermel, demoing OneStream’s Power BI connector:
You can see how crowded it was:
The BDA Booth
Sherri, Allen, Daniel, Luke, Ryann, Jason, Damon, Mike, Ashley, the top of Greg’s head, Mark, Gary, Katery, Ashwin, Melissa, and Robin:
The Party
Again, aways, the human factor.  And the tech:
And the people
The kind of normal but not really
Damon, Jason, Mr. Metallic Stilts, Peggy, Daniel, Luke, Katery:
And the normies
Yr. Obt. Svt. and his brother from a totally different set of parents:
Wait, no, these are the normies
Peggy and Sherri:
Sherri and Shauna:

And back to the not-completely-normal
Pete and Gary:
Definitely not normal
Damon, Damon, Damon.  Oh my:
And back to normal
MikeM and my Little Sis:
Ryann, Randy, Melissa, and Damon:
I did get more than five hours of sleep so I am super happy and almost awake.
Be seeing you.

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