Welcome to the Black Diamond Broadcast

Welcome to the Premiere Episode of the Black Diamond Broadcast

We are excited to introduce the very first episode of the Black Diamond Broadcast, a fresh and exciting initiative from the innovative minds at Black Diamond Advisory. In this premiere, we are honored to feature David Blanco, a Solutions Architect, alongside esteemed industry experts Cameron Lackpour and Celvin Kattookaran.
Meet Our Guest: David Blanco
Before jumping into the episode for this week, let’s first introduce our guest, David Blanco. In his current role as a Solutions Architect, David collaborates with customers and Onestream partners to offer specialized knowledge in Onestream implementations. This ensures the utilization of cutting-edge technologies and best practices to achieve project success.
David is a dynamic and self-motivated professional, skilled in developing comprehensive ‘end-to-end’ solutions with the technical expertise to implement them successfully. His specialties include:
  • Maximizing Corporate Returns: By optimizing processes and transforming the use of technology, David has helped both Fortune 500 companies and small organizations achieve significant returns.
  • Leveraging Innovative Technologies: He is adept at utilizing cost-effective, innovative technologies to deliver high-value outcomes.
  • Consulting and Implementation: With hands-on experience in consulting, technology, and services, David has worked in local and international contexts, bringing a global perspective to his projects.
This episode explores David’s journey from working at Comshare (the grandfather of Performance management) to Hyperion to OneStream to becoming an independent consultant. Cameron and Celvin engage in a discussion with him about his past experiences and future aspirations, particularly focusing on his connection with OneStream. David emphasizes the significance of his role, noting that he has had the opportunity to work with clients in Colombia, Mexico, North America, and Canada.
As a native Spanish speaker, David underscores the importance of language in fostering effective communication. He explains, using Brazil as an example, “They can speak their native language to someone who understands them. And believe it or not, when you are translating something very specific, you can lose the concept through translation.” David views his language proficiency as a valuable asset that enables him to ensure clarity and understanding across diverse contexts.
In their conversation, David, Cameron, and Celvin also delve into the nuances of being an independent consultant within the OneStream space. They reflect on the unique challenges and rewards of this role, highlighting their recent attendance at Splash 2024 as a pivotal networking and learning opportunity.
Watch the Podcast Here: https://youtu.be/i0o-O4NeWas
Meet Cameron: Cameron Lackpour is a seasoned developer with a stellar track record in delivering successful EPM implementations as a consultant and project lead for Fortune 50 clients. He excels at enhancing standard toolsets to offer advanced analytics and system automation. Known for his strong communication skills, Cameron effectively bridges the gap between business owners and IT. He is dedicated to knowledge transfer, benefiting both clients and the broader EPM community. 
Meet Celvin Kattookaran: Celvin Kattookaran is a Business Intelligence and Enterprise Performance Management specialist, renowned for crafting innovative and effective business solutions. With extensive experience in the Hyperion Suite of products, Celvin excels in requirement gathering, client interaction, team management, design analysis, implementation, and support. Focused on the Finance and Banking sectors, he has successfully implemented performance management solutions across various industries. 
Cameron and Celvin bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table, making them the perfect hosts for our Black Diamond Broadcast.

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