Why We Are Here

Behind the Diamonds

In the late ’90s, I took a leap of faith – leaving my job as a finance manager at the wonderful world of Disney to join a company called Hyperion Solutions.

I was terrified to fly, had a full head of hair, and no clue what EPM was or what this cutting-edge technology called Essbase did.

What I did know was that the people that welcomed me were upbeat, positive thinkers, and incredibly passionate about what they were doing.

The work was hard, the hours were long, and I loved every second of it.   Being around people who were gifted with intelligence and personalities to match were with me the entire way through my early career and it taught me that what you do is not nearly important than WHO you do it with.

As time went on, people left for other opportunities, and eventually, Hyperion was sold. Thus, I had to move on to the next phase of my work life.

For the next 18 years, I tried to find that magical combination of people, passion, and product that matched what pulled me into this amazing career that I have had, only to find everything came up just short of those high expectations.  When I found OneStream a few years ago, I was optimistic that I may have found something; then I found the passionate people around it and I knew I found something.  The ‘why’ I do what I do was re-born. I am now surrounded by people at Black Diamond who have a passion for a product you can believe in, a group that believes that the culture of a company is something to be cherished and wake up every day excited about what rewarding experience awaits.

That is why I do what I do and why Black Diamond Advisory was established.

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