Power BI with Black Diamond Advisory

Unleash the Power of Your OneStream Data

Introducing Power Analytics for OneStream, the revolutionary collaboration between Black Diamond Advisory and Preferred Strategies. This game-changing solution seamlessly integrates Microsoft Power BI with your OneStream application, unlocking a world of insights for every business user. Power Analytics is your plug-and-play solution, ready to use in just 12 weeks, offering universal compatibility and minimal customization.

Experience a seamless data integration process, connecting directly to OneStream and ensuring a lights-out data refresh in Power BI. Your data’s security is our priority, with entity security from OneStream automatically replicated in Power BI. Power Analytics empowers you with over 500 KPIs and 20 pre-built reports on day one, making data analysis interactive and insightful.

Contact us today for a live demo and witness the Power Analytics advantage in action. Unlock the true potential of your data today!

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