Splash 2024, Day 3 and 4

Splash 2024, Day 3, Wednesday 22 May as well as Day 4, Thursday 23 May 2024
I approached but did not achieve, writing this almost-live blog almost-live.  Sorry, but I did get to that barely-four-hours-sleep-per-night and that means everything outside of semi-normal working hours gets delayed.
In an effort to cut corners optimize content production, this post is a combination of Wednesday’s and Thursday’s events.  Given the comment about exhaustion, a lot more happened Wednesday than Thursday but such is the nature of a conference.
The folly of youth or is that the decrepitude of middle age?
People of a Certain Age seem to disappear from evening events to get their sleep.  I cannot confirm or deny that chamomile tea or warm milk and comfy slippers allied to common sense are involved but maybe.  Perhaps this is a result of inevitable cellular senescence, perhaps wisdom truly is merely applied experience. 
Youth must have its fling
Unless of course a BDAer is involved in which case everyone under the age of 35 goes out till (I may be exaggerating) 4:35 am.  Apparently that also seems to be true for some (most?  many?) of my comrades in arms over the age of 35 but not someone named Cameron.  I cannot imagine how they do it but I’ve watched and there they are the day after, looking chipper, sounding (mostly) coherent, and putting in the work hours.  I cannot decided if this is admirable or just unbelievable but there it is.
By now most of you know who my coworkers are, so I’ll just post a few pictures.

I’m not entirely sure how to characterize this snapshot:

So Cameron, what was the conference all about?
Yes, being tired, yes, interesting people, but what did you do?  Believe it or not (and I don’t know if I believe it), I largely didn’t attend Splash.  Well, I did, but not in sessions.  Instead, I did something entirely new, to wit:


Read the text – we had 20+ meetings (who in his right mind brags about that but I a).  What does that mean?
It couldn’t have been done without Doodle

Are you intrigued?  You should be.
People, it’s always the people and I think I’ve had more in depth conversations this year than I’ve ever had at any conference.
People, again
Here’s Greg Beaton, Ashwin Manthena, Yr. Obt. Svt., and Celvin Kattookaran doing something new, really new:

Also, those jackets.  I like to think that in asking my cohosts to dress in this manner I’ve achieved something unique sartorially, at least within the World of OneStream and maybe the world beyond.
For the time being, I’ll have to leave it at that.
Be seeing you.

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