Fast And Easy Dashboard Brings Stage Data Into Focus

The stage data dashboard was initially developed for One Stream users and consultants coming from Hyperion/FDMEE.  In FDMEE the workflow displays both source and target data on one form.  You can filter by a target dimension and easily see what source accounts are mapped to the target.  This is very helpful when your mapping from source GL to target is not straightforward.  OneStream out of the box does not have this view for users.  While the drill-down capabilities are great it is very time-consuming to get to source/target data.  To address this, Black Diamond created the Stage Data Dashboard.

The Stage Data Dashboard contains Source and Target Dimensions.  The user can filter on any dimension as well as export the full data set to .csv.  The dashboard can be put on the workflow so users can troubleshoot data issues without IT or admin help.

Out of the box in OneStream, you have to drill into each line item to get the source items. The stage data dashboard has all the data on one screen.

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